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Bus Mobility

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Bus Mobility

Bus Mobility आइकनTicketSimply Bus Mobility App empowers the Bus Operators to effectively manage their in-journey operations easily. With a range of options to streamline and simplify in-transit bus bookings. Book tickets on the go with online and offline bookings, detailed pickup & drop off charts and reports.Online/Offline Booking:We now live in a phase where practically we cannot escape from the internet, including business. Online booking system is “used to store and retrieve information about your tour product, tour product options and conduct transactions for booking it.”There are three main reasons why you should accept an online booking system in place of the traditional booking:It puts you a step ahead of your competition.It is convenient and fast for you and your customersMaximises online paymentOffline bus booking requires reaching out to the terminus and buying tickets for the journey at any time of the day. But it lacks the feature of choosing the seat type according to one’s own choice. Pickup Chart:Pickup chart is a chart that is generated for the lists of passenger that are going to board the bus through any of our branch offices or stops where journey is to be started or joined or through which the journey may pass.No show in journey bookings:No Show means that traveller has not shown up for the outbound journey and will be considered as cancelled journey of the passenger. When a traveller incurs no-show, then they will be notified by Email/Sms/Call. Drop Off Point:A bus stops at a designated place to drop off passengers to their destination from a bus. They charge according to the level of usage of and reflect bus stops tends.App Features:Home Page:This page can be operated by driver, conductor or the agency itselfTicketSimply offers Technology for Bus Operators with CRS(Routes & Schedules, Tariffs & Commissions, Branches & Agents, Bookings & Passengers, Security & Controls, Finances and lot more), Bus GDS, Bus Portals, Website CMS, Booking Engine & Payments Platform, Branded Mobile App Builder Platform, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Sales & Marketing with Campaigns, GPS Tracking & Passenger Alerts and much more.PNR Search:PNR is a record of the database that is provided to every individual passenger travelling together. These record of PNR includes the details of the passenger like Ticket Details, Transaction Information etc.Passenger Search: TicketSimply software provides search through the name or any other particular details of the passenger, For e.g, Name, Age, Gender etc.Reports:The software is very easy to operate and it is so fast that it can easily generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly report to check the performance of the business and analyze the data.Change Password:Password can be manually changed to secure your data.Logout:Always log out from the software to protect your documents.

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