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Chartr आइकनChartr is the only app which has been approved for buying contactless e-tickets in New Delhi. Other than ticketing, you can get direction using only bus or bus and metro both, track buses live and get eta of buses arriving at any bus stop. Say no to waiting for bus at bus stops.Contactless e-ticketingUsing chartr, you can buy e-tickets of buses. There are two methods of buying tickets:1st method: By FareStep 1: User scans a QR code present in the bus using the Chartr app.Step 2: User selects fare.Step 3: User pay the fare amount.Step 4: After successful transaction, user receives the ticket.2nd method: By DestinationStep 1: User selects the route, source and destination.Step 2: User scans the QR code present in the bus.Step 3: Fare is calculated and shown to the user.Step 4: User pay the fare amount.Step 5: After successful transaction, user receives the ticket.DirectionsUsing chartr, plan your journey using only buses, only metro and both metro & bus.Live bus tracking and route informationGet details of all routes and track live buses running on those routes. We use information from tbe opendata platform to show live location of buses.Public information system (PIS)Using live location of buses, we show the estimated time of arrival (eta) of all buses and type of bus (AC / Non-AC) coming at a particular bus stop.Other Features- Auto detect closest bus stops and metro stations near you.- Save home and office for easy commute.- Hindi language support coming soon.

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