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DGCA Kuwait

DGCA आइकनWorking through its Strategic Action Plan – a blueprint which incorporates the safety oversight, security standards, and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Convention – the general activities and functions of the DGCA comprise: • The supervision of construction and maintenance of airport facilities; • The organization of all air traffic within Kuwaiti airspace;• Oversight of civil aviation safety matters including the registration, certification, operation and maintenance of aircraft;• The management of all air transport affairs on behalf of the State of Kuwait including the conclusion of international conventions and agreements and Kuwait’s “Open Skies” policy; and the operation of Kuwait International Airport. In Addition, as the airport authority, the DGCA oversees all governmental authorities and private bodies functioning at Kuwait International Airport, ensuring that the very highest global standards are applied. Such has been the success of the DGCA that since its establishment it has ensured year -on-year growth in both traffic numbers and quality – ample evidence of the organization’s determination to fulfil the vision of a state-of-the-art airport.

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