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DreamSetGo – Celebrity App

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DreamSetGo – Celebrity App

DreamSetGo - Celebrity App आइकनWe bring you the Celebrity App that lets you connect with your dedicated fans and make their dreams come true, in a super fun and engaging way via – Personalised Video Shoutouts and Video Call. Sports celebrities around the world have a loyal fan base who continue to grow and revere their favourite idols throughout their life. As we move faster into the digital space, celebrities are closer than ever with our fans, followers and admirers. So, open your arms to the Celebrity App to start surprising your fans and get rewarded instantly. Personalised Video Shoutout: Birthday & anniversary messages, wedding and festival greetings, or just a simple motivational message – Surprise your fans with your wishes. Video Call: Let your fans ask you questions and have a personal chat on a LIVE video call. How to use it? Step 1: Review the fan requests on the app and accept the ones you want to complete. Step 2: After you’ve accepted the fan requests, proceed to make the personalised video shoutout or a video call before the due date and time. Step 3: Send your recorded video shoutout on the app and receive your reward amount instantly. As simple as that! HighlightsIn-Built Video Feature: Our video feature option lets you record the video and send it to us – with just a click! Freedom of selection: Review your fan requests and enjoy the freedom of accepting or rejecting fan requests as per your convenience. Multiple Requests: Make the most of your time and review all the fan requests for you to complete; as we don’t have any limit on accepted requests. 24X7 Customer Care: Every sports celebrity on board will have a customer care helpline and a dedicated relationship manager. Download the app now and start making Video Shoutouts for all your fans!

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