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Eka Care

Eka Care आइकनEka Care is India’s best Connected Health care platform which is working towards developing a better healthcare system in India. We offer a one-stop solution for all your family’s health needs by bringing you seamless digitized health infrastructure, used by over 15MN Indians. With Eka Care, you can:1. Book Cowin Vaccine registration Slots – You can now directly book available Cowin vaccine registration slots in your city in under 60 secs. Use our notification feature to get informed about Cowin Vaccination slots available near you. You can book your Vaccine registration slot using Pincode, district or select center near you. Your Vaccine registration appointment slip gets stored in the Eka care vault for easy offline access.2. Download Cowin Vaccine Certificate & Travel Certificate – Now you can download your Cowin Vaccine certificate with eka app in under 30 sec with only using your mobile number or Aadhar number. You can also download your Travel Certificate that has your passport number in your vaccine certificate. Your downloaded vaccine certificate will be stored in your secure Eka vault for easy 24×7 offline access.3. Generate Health ID – Be part of Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission & generate your Health ID easily on Eka care app. Health ID is key to unlocking your digital Health journey. You can create a digitally secure Health ID, which allows you to share & access your health data with healthcare providers and allows you to receive your Medical lab reports, prescriptions and diagnosis seamlessly from verified healthcare service providers and healthcare professionals.4. Online Doctor Consultation & Appointment – With Eka it is now easy & seamless to get online doctor consultation and appointment for all your health need even during emergency. Your video consultation will be one on one with doctor with almost no waiting time or logn queue. All the doctors are experienced and have been verified by our team. You can connect with doctors in metro and well as other non-metro cities like Indore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bhopal, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad and more. Our network is continuously expanding!5. Organize your and your family’s health Records- The Eka Health-Vault offers 30 GB Space (free of cost), which allows you to store your Health records (Doctor's prescriptions, reports from labs & Diagnostic centres, vaccination certificates, etc.)- The data is securely stored using cloud-based technology and hard encryption.- Our AI driven platform creates intuitive and informative graphs which can help you keep a tab on your health status.- The data is organised in chronological order to give doctors a digital overview of each member’s medical condition and status. While consulting a doctor, the app empowers the doctor to make an informed decision.- You can store and share the Health Records with your doctor in a click to get instant advice on the best treatment options available.6. Vitals Tracking- You can track and store your health vitals in the App.- Chronic patients can enter their vitals (Blood Pressure readings, sugar levels, etc). Our AI driven approach creates graphs for easy references, which can be shared with your doctor in a click!- You can also run a quick assessment of your health using our AI driven Health Assessment kit.Awards and Recognition:One of the first healthcare apps to be approved by CoWIN for Vaccination Slot booking, Vaccine certificate download and Generating Health ID for Indians.We would love to hear from you on suggestions to improve our app! You can mail us at digital(at)eka.care.Summery-Cowin Vaccine registration, Cowin vaccine certificate download, Travel certificate, vaccine certificate with passport number, Online doctor consultation, Online doctors appointment, Manage Health records & Medical Lab reports, Health Vitals tracking

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