Full Screen Gestures आइकन

Full Screen Gestures

  • APP : Full Screen Gestures
  • जरूरतें : Android
  • डेवलपर : Home
  • श्रेणी : टूल

Full Screen Gestures डाउनलोड(APKPure)

Full Screen Gestures डाउनलोड(Google Play)

Full Screen Gestures

Full Screen Gestures आइकनWe bring you many features by swipe the edges of your device, it's very very convenient for devices have hard key button or infinity display.GESTURES * Swipe LEFT-RIGHT-BOTTOM edge to perform actions. * Distinguish two near and far modes when you swipe. * Custom display, size, sensitivity for each gesture…ACTIONS * Navigate home action * Navigate back action * Navigate recent action * Increase volume * Decrease volume * Switch top using application * Open power menu * Lock screen * Open Notification * Open Quick settings * Capture screen * Open Google Now * Open Google Now * Open Google Assistant * Open an applicationFEEDBACK If you have any problem while using the application, please give us some comments we will check and update as soon as possible.CONTACT US Email : [email protected] you very much!

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