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Geo Email Tracker

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Geo Email Tracker

Geo Email Tracker आइकनIntroduction.Geo Email Tracker is the App that allows you to determine and track the precise location of your Android device, it quietly records its locations (GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular) periodically. The recorded location data stores in the device memory and then transmits to your e-mail address as a database table and map images. To monitor location of your tracked device, you just open your incoming e-mail and see the list of locations and the route map pictures.No registration to any Internet services is required. So, your location data never transfers anywhere, except to your own e-mail.The App can be remote controlled by sending e-mail or by using the same App installed on another Android device.Features.NO ads completely.You can see your own travel route in your e-mail box automatically every day.Tracking your own traveling, biking, walking or any daily movements as well as your children and family members.Tracking your personal or business vehicles. Tracking automatically starts when the car is driven, and pauses when the car is stopped.Find lost or stolen phones.Find your car, boat or any big, valuable things or cargo. You can get its location any time within an hour even if the tracking option is OFF.Location accuracy can be a few meters.Geo-Fencing function. You can receive an e-mail message only if your tracked device exits the geo-fence. Use this function if you do not want to receive e-mails when the device is not moving.Remote control of this application from another device or just through e-mail.Tracking multiple devices and remote-controlling them independently. Only one e-mail account for all remote devices can be used.Permission based system allows/denies the ability to remote control.Password Protected. The App can be locked by a passcode so that a thief or other people cannot stop the App or make a change in it.No any registrations and subscriptions. Easy and safety. Simple use your own e-mail account.Many flexible settings to reach your personal needs.Detailed tracking information is available, such as street addresses, accuracy, speed, distances, azimuths, coordinates and so on.Map functionality is based on public API of Google Maps, Open Street Map or Yandex.Maps.Extremely low battery consumption. The App is designed to conserve your device battery and it does not drain your phone battery because the App is almost always disabled and wakes up for a few seconds to get location data at times.Always On. Once the App starts, it runs quietly in the background and requires no human interaction after setting configuration. It continues to run even after the tracked device reboots.No loss of location data. When Internet is temporarily unavailable, location data is cached in the device. It is sent immediately when Internet becomes available again.Application e-mail accounts are available. To simplify using the App, there is no need to enter your e-mail account information. Just write any e-mail address for delivery. Cameras pictures from the remote device. You can receive instant pictures from the remote device. For example, you can remotely see not only tracking information about your car or a lost/stolen phone but also pictures from its cameras. If you have any problems or any suggestions to improve this application, please feel free to contactby e-mail: [email protected]!

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