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GG OCD आइकन"Most credible OCD App" (highest credibility score of 4.28 out of 5) -International OCD Foundation20% better, within 24 daysOur users report improvements in OCD and anxiety by training for 3-4 minutes daily. Science backedGG Platform and apps have 7 published papers with additional 5+ more ongoing studies dedicated to improving mental health aspects, OCD, anxiety and depressionTrusted by mental health expertsOur OCD app is recommended by clinical psychologists, and is used by BrainsWay, a Nasdaq traded company, to help its patients improve faster.The app is also the most credible OCD app on PsyberGuide.How it can help youOCD is a disabling condition that can negatively affect many aspects. Research shows that changing maladaptive (negative) thinking habits can have a positive effect on OCD, as well as anxiety and depression.3 minutes a day? Are you kidding?When we started working on the app, we knew that if we want to have a positive impact on people's mental health, we'd better make it easy for them to improve. We designed the 3 minute daily exercise program, and began studying the effect. Fortunately, the results were good. Remember: positive change doesn't happen during training. It happens when you utilize supportive thinking in real life.What is the focus of the app? OCD, anxiety or depression?We designed this app to be fully personalized to you. During onboarding, select your challenges. We will guide you through.How do I break my negative thinking habits?1. Get to know what types of thinking patterns are negative2. Learn to discard negative thoughts that are typical to OCD, anxiety, depression.3. Discover supportive thoughts that can be used as an alternative inner monologue.4. Train to embrace supportive thinking to build self-esteem, body appreciation and overcome intrusive thoughts.5. Utilize the improved self-talk in your daily life.Is this app similar to psychological therapy?Our app platform is not designed to be used as a therapy or treatment, however:1. It is being used by OCD CBT psychologists as a complementing tool.2. It helps in maintaining healthy thinking during or after therapy.3. It is found to reduce anxiety, worries, obsessions and more. The self-talk behind OCD, Anxiety & DepressionAccording to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, there are various mechanisms that are related to mental health disorders:- Self criticism (a significant component in depression)- Comparing- Constant checking- Fear of uncertainty- Fear of regret- Rumination- Catastrophizing- Fear of contamination- Perfectionism (the silent The app targets these thinking patterns and helps you overcome them.As you acquire healthy thinking a habit, this process becomes automatic and easier.OCD test and self-assessmentEach journey typically begins with self-assessment. It helps you test your condition, but more importantly lets the app personalize the content for you.The app's many wide array of mental health topics are broken down into more than 500 levels. Each level has a pool of self-talk thoughts.Training using this application, allows for gradual, steady learning of more adaptive self-talk thereby helping to break the vicious thought cycle maintaining low self-esteem.Mood trackerTracking your mood has two main goals:1. Helps you record and review your mood2. Makes you more aware of positive vs. negative thinking2. Personalizes your practice sessions to make the most of the appIs the app free? or do I have to purchase a subscription?GG OCD is designed so you can enjoy the benefits of healthy self-talk without having to purchase anything. After laying the foundations, premium content lets you explore more advanced, specific topics as well as enjoy complementing modules and premium features.Learn more about GGTUDE appsVisit our website:

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