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GPS Area Measure

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GPS Area Measure

GPS Area Measure आइकनGPS Area measure helps you measure fields, plots, route distance, land survey, fencing for agricultural land, garden, farms etc. You can place multiple accurate points on the map to measure the area or measure distance. choose our app and simplify the measuring process!App feature :- Easily get Distance measure in multiple units like meter, kilometer, etc,.- Easily get Distance area in multiple units like meter square, yards,etc- Also get perimeter of particular area.- Save measures with points on maps with smoothening drag and drop that point to set and calculate perfect area.- Edit save measure area easily.- Also display compass on map so you can easily check direction.- Accurate pin placing.New Feature updated : Land Area CalculatorThere are two ways to calculate land area.1.Custom Area Calculation – You have to select sides(4 side, 3 side etc..) to calculate custom area.2.Shape Area Calculation – Select your shape to calculate land area. shape like square,Trapezoid ,Triangle and many more.. – All formula also there to learn and understand exact calculationGPS Field Area Measure is also useful as a map measurement tool for outdoor activities, range finder applications and sports such as biking or marathon. It’s great for constructions and agricultural fencing. Best app to find area measurement with point to point calculation.

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