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Instant Like

  • APP : Instant Like
  • जरूरतें : Android
  • डेवलपर : Home
  • श्रेणी : टूल

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Instant Like

Instant Like आइकनCheck out how many Likes others has got!! Or share your post's likes!Also supports downloading images.Fully Supports Android 10 or Android Q!!!(Can only use share link in Android 10)★ How to use ★ 1. Install Instant Like and run app.2. Run Instagram App.3. Click 3 dot button on right upper side of post.4. Click share link.5. Select Instant Like from app chooser.6. Post from the Instant Like App.★ Download Support★ * Click Download button in the Instant Like App to download image.★ Cautions1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.2. Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.3. Please do not use Instant Like to save photos / download images without the permission of the owners. 4. Respect the rights of the Instagram users.★ Permissions1. Network – used for post info and repost.2. Storage – for saving images and videos.

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