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My Piano

  • APP : My Piano
  • जरूरतें : Android
  • डेवलपर : Home
  • श्रेणी : संगीत और ऑडियो

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My Piano डाउनलोड(Google Play)

My Piano

My Piano आइकनMy Piano is virtual piano keyboard featuring 16 instruments• Grand Piano• Home Piano• Electric Piano• Rhodes Piano• Organ• Synthesizer• Bass• Vibraphone• Violin• Saxophone• Guitar• Harp• Harpsichord• Accordion• Sitar• XylophoneIt also has 6 sound effects• Delay (Echo)• Reverb• Flanger• Chorus• Tremolo• VibratoThere is an integrated sampler enabling you to record and play with your own voice or sample. Your performance can also be recorded, saved, exported and played back. Create and save your song ideas while on the go.Other options include: 2, 4 or 6 octaves on screen, split keyboard mode, velocity, pitch bend, MIDI support, MIDI over WiFi and studio quality sound.

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