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Nervous System

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Nervous System

Nervous System आइकनThis application discusses the Nervous System in the human body equipped with pictures and explanations***App Contents:Functions of the Nervous SystemAnatomy of the Nervous SystemOrganization of the Nervous System- Structural Classification- Functional ClassificationNervous Tissue: Structure and Function- Supporting Cells- NeuronsCentral Nervous SystemBrain- Cerebral Hemispheres- Diencephalon- Brain Stem- CerebellumProtection of the Central Nervous System- Meninges- Cerebrospinal Fluid- The Blood-Brain BarrierSpinal Cord- Gray Matter of the Spinal Cord and Spinal Roots- White Matter of the Spinal CordPeripheral Nervous SystemStructure of a NerveCranial Nerves- Spinal Nerves and Nerve Plexuses- Autonomic Nervous System- Anatomy of the Parasympathetic Division- Anatomy of the Sympathetic DivisionPhysiology of the Nervous System- Nerve Impulse- The Nerve Impulse Pathway- Communication of Neurons at Synapses- Autonomic Functioning- Sympathetic Division- Parasympathetic Division***App Feature:+ Complete Material+ Block, Copy & Paste features+ Page Zoom feature+ Attractive design, simple & easy to use+ Light & Fast+ Small size+ Full OfflineApplication created with the best design to facilitate navigation and user experience. Hopefully it will be useful and can be a guide in learning matters relating to human anatomy system*Disclaimer:All content in this application is for information and education purposes only. All content in the application can be obtained from online sources, reference sources are listed at the bottom of the content. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any content can be removed on request by the copyright owner.

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