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Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO

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Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO डाउनलोड(APKPure)

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Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO

Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO आइकनA professional audio modeling processor allows you to reproduce surround sound and high-quality content on movies, music or games. Creates a non-channeling virtual surround sound from any audio source, including stereo and mono. Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO takes stereo/mono content and uses a Virtualizer to create place phantom speakers around the headphone/room, providing a realistic and enjoyable virtual surround sound experience. This equipment is carefully tweaked under "Noozxoide Workbench", the audio research and design laboratory up to 1/24 octave high precision instruments. Sound images dialog or vocal is tad narrowed, designed to sounds soft in the other words, less aggressive. When master volume is leveling up also increase the aggressiveness dramatically and you got an expensive audio on-the-Go. The HDMI-audio through HDMI output connection, take over digital sound effect on TV Soundbar, Dedicated Soundbar Speaker or even A/V Receiver System. Soundbar Speaker Size Response supports 100Hz, 200Hz, 300Hz via Noozxoide Psychoacoustic II settings. It is a digital audio with uncompressed sample sizes of 24-bit / 192 kHz. Sounds like a DAC-to-HDMI instead of DAC-to-USB. We deliver you the newest [FOCUS] room size, a close-range firing virtual surround sound experience. Sound images are coming from everywhere at a close distance is about 1 meter velocity, makes your contents more exciting and fast pace. Every bit is amazing. PLEASE USE PROFESSIONAL HEADPHONE OR PRACTICAL SPEAKERS TO EXPERIENCE IT. RECOMMENDED TO USE HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER. KEEPS AWAY MULTIPLE FILTERS, DO NOT USE 3RD PARTY FILTERS WHICH WILL CAUSED DISTORTION AND MISUNDERSTOOD THE TECHNOLOGIES IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE EIZO, PLEASE DISABLE ANY FRONTEND DSP SOUND EFFECT FILTER ON TV, SOUNDBAR SPEAKER OR A/V RECEIVER SYSTEM RECOMMENDED MUSIC TRANSPORT – NOOZY ▼ SETUP AS DEFAULT FILTER (reboot when necessary) Settings > Sound > Music Effects > Choose “Noozxoide EIZO-rewire™ PRO Series” ▼ ADVANCED MODELING for MUSIC TURN ON Noozxoide Balanced X-EQ™, Choose “UNIQUE III” from Digital Presets. TURN ON Noozxoide LogicSurround ES™, set your VSUR room size “Focus/Studio”. ▼ ADVANCED MODELING for MOVIE/GAME TURN ON Noozxoide Psychoacoustic™ II, set the effect strength “Large”. TURN ON Noozxoide Balanced X-EQ™, Choose “Cinema/Game” from Digital Presets. TURN ON Noozxoide LogicSurround ES™, set your VSUR room size “Focus/LIVE I/II”. (tech: this app uses emulation technologies to communicate with the compatibility libraries as a medium (alsa driver) and interprets directly to the DAC chip and doesn't require external libs, it simply took over it, brought to you by "Noozxoide SoundXEMU" sound-cross-emulation) DAC-2-EMU: BurrBrown (100%), Tegra 2/3 (100%), Sabre (100%), Wolfson (100%), Realtek (70%), Yamaha (40%), Cirrus Logic (80%), Texas Instruments (100%), Qualcomm (100%) MOVIES . GAMES . MUSIC . SOUNDOLOGY

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