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PDF Maker

PDF Maker आइकनMain features of OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app.- Select photos, images to convert them into PDF with password protection.- Change the document margin as needed.- Compress the image for small size PDF – Add images, position, resize and rotate them.- Save your work and continue later. All documents are saved and can be edited and used to create new PDF files at a later stage.- Open, share, print or delete the PDF files from the app.- Share and send images and text from other applications to PDF Creator to add it to the current or a new document.- Convert images to PDF document files.PDF Maker allows you to convert any image (JPG, PNG, etc.) or document (TXT, Docx, Doc, etc) file into a PDF document on your smartphone and tablet.OrangePalm 's PDF makerApp help to easily convert Images into PDF documents.Some eye-catching options added to OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app:- Offline PDF maker.- Easy and fast conversion into PDF document with no watermark.- Share the created PDF.Steps to use PDF Maker :1. Select images or docs file with select button.2. Once the conversion finished, you can see all extracted pdf in the folder with PDF Maker.3. Share the PDFs files with friends and family.This app is one of the best in the productivity category and a must-have app.☆ No register or login requiredThis is a fast, reliable PDF Maker app that doesn't compel users to use any other specific services. PDF Maker works offline and is entirely free cost. OrangePalm 's app is for free without limits.☆ Password Protect PDF file/Encrypt PDF fileYou can encrypt or password protects your PDF file to avoid others to open it without the password.☆ Convert image/photo into PDF fileIf you have photos and you want to convert them into PDF, you can use the image to pdf functionality. It allows the user to convert either one or multiple image files into one single pdf file. This is very convenient when you want to send a large number of photo to other into one file.☆ Simple User InterfaceVery elegant & intuitive simple user interface based on google's latest material design.☆ Edit or crop images Photos can be cropped or edited before making it to PDF file.☆ Page Size set PDF Maker allows you to set the page size of the PDF file. So PDF document can be aligned & got margin perfectly.☆ Grayscale PDF This app would give an option to convert the images & document to Black & White PDF directly.☆ Border Width PDF Maker allows you to set the border of PDF file. So that it can look more good in converted PDF files. The Best Photo and Document Scanner, All formats of images and photos, Text & Document files to PDF file. It's a Portable Scanner, All types of Doc and Images Scan.PDF Maker is a full-fledged app, designed for users while working with any kind of file format.PDF Maker is having effective and efficient performance in its functioning.You can create PDF documents for your own official use and maintain records that are secured by the use of PDF Maker.To gain the best user experience while working with all the formats of images and docs, Install the OrangePalm 's PDF Maker app now.Remember it is SUPERFAST

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