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Pregnancy watcher widget

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Pregnancy watcher widget

Pregnancy watcher आइकनDo you also constantly forget in which week of pregnancy you are? Then you are like me and my wife.This app shows to you after entering some basic data your current week of pregnancy, how many days you're already pregnant, the current approximate size and weight of your baby and a few other important bits of information such as the date of the first prenatal visit, when your maternity leave will start (based on the German regulation), or the date on which it you can possibly feel the first child quickenings etc..In addition, the app can be installed as a widget. So you can see on your screen at first glance the week in which you are in, how many days you're already pregnant, and how many days it will probably take give birth to your baby. To activate the widget, touch your screen for a few seconds and then select the entry "widgets" and then the app "Pregnancy watcher".Units of weight and length can be changed now.Contents, colors and transparency of the widget are adjustable.If there is anything you are not satiesfied with yet, give me a chance to correct it 😉 In this case send me an email with the detected bug or the desired function!Thanks!

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