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RAST आइकन*New featureCan export data to .csv format and open in spreadsheetCan share data to email or social mediaRASTTesting and measurement are the means of collecting information upon which subsequent performance evaluations and decisions are made but, in the analysis, we need to bear in mind the factors that may influence the results.ObjectiveDraper and Whyte (1997) developed the Running-based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST) to test a runner's anaerobic performance. RAST is similar to the Wingate ANaerobic 30 cycle Test (WANT) in that it provides coaches with measurements of power and fatigue index. WANT is more specific for cyclists whereas the RAST provides a test that can be used with athletes where running is the primary method of movement.Required ResourcesTo undertake this test, you will require:400-metre trackTwo ConesTwo StopwatchesTwo AssistantsHow to conduct the testThis test requires the athlete to undertake six 35 metre sprints with 10 seconds recovery between each sprint.The 1st assistant weighs and records the athlete's weightThe athlete warms up for 10 minutesThe assistants mark out a 35 metre straight on the track with the conesThe assistants each have a stopwatchThe athlete completes six 35 metre runs at maximum pace with 10 seconds allowed between each sprint for a turnaround as follows:The athlete, using a standing start, gets ready to sprintThe 2nd assistant gives the command GO for the athlete to start and the 1st assistant starts his/her stopwatchWhen the athlete completes the 35 metres the1st assistant stops his/her stopwatch, records the time and resets the stopwatch2nd assistant starts his/her stopwatch to time the 10-second turnaroundWhen 10 seconds have elapsed the 2nd assistant gives the command GO for the athlete to start, rests the stopwatch and the 1st assistant starts his/her stopwatch3 and 4 are repeated six timesAssessmentPower output for each sprint is found using the following equationsVelocity = Distance ÷ TimeAcceleration = Velocity ÷ TimeForce = Weight × AccelerationPower = Force × VelocityORPower = Weight × Distance ² ÷ Time ³From the six times calculate the power for each run and then determine:Maximum power = the highest valueMinimum power = the lowest valueAverage power = sum of all six values ÷ 6Fatigue Index = (Maximum power – Minimum power) ÷ Total time for the 6 sprintsMaximum PowerIs a measure of the highest power output and provides information about the strength and maximal sprint speed. Research range is 1054 watts to 676 watts.Minimum PowerIs the lowest power output achieved and is used to calculate the Fatigue Index. Research range is 674 watts to 319 watts.Average PowerThe higher the score the better the athlete's ability to maintain anaerobic performance over time.Fatigue IndexIndicates the rate at which power declines for the athlete. The lower the value the higher the ability of the athlete to maintain anaerobic performance. With a high fatigue index value (>10) the athlete may need to focus on improving their lactate tolerance.To use this app user must insert name and weight in (kg)Click Start when testee do sprintClick Stop when testee finish sprintClick Reset to restart the stop watchTime will automaticly insert when user click stopAfter 6 run was did then click calculate to know maximum power, minimur power, average power and fatigue indexTo clear all fill click clear button

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