Real High School Fighting - Gangster Crime Sim 3D आइकन

Real High School Fighting – Gangster Crime Sim 3D

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Real High School Fighting – Gangster Crime Sim 3D

Real High School Fighting - Gangster Crime Sim 3D आइकनFeaturing gangster games 2020 and gangster boy story in city high school gangster game. Play as classroom kids in high school simulator 2020. Give hard time to the high school games school guards in Gangster in City High School Game. Gray is a wicked kid in high school story game. He strikes every one by flying paper ball toss in the classroom of high school games. Unfavorably steal lunch boxes of his close friends in this high school simulator 2020. Gray perform survival in nights while stealing exam paper task like real gangster in gangster games 2020. Win the crazy fight back with city police officers like gangster games 2020. He strikes like real boy of the gangster games 2020. Hit the teachers & dodge them in high school teacher games. Become the real gangster of the city nights in high school gangster. Rescue the combat against city high school security guards & student’s wings in high school simulator 2020. Run for your lifetime against survival in gangster India game. You have been caught into the detention as punishment for your disciplinary actions, sneak and escape from the office while the teacher is sleeping, destroying the cameras of the campus to erase any footage of your crime recordings. Be the vicious criminal in high school and get ready for some great fun of your life in city high school gangster game 2020.This gangster games 2020 revolves around troubled story of high school dropout gangster boy Gary whose sole purpose is to have fun with other naughty students and his class fellows, Gary proves himself in high school simulator 2020 to be incredibly evil, manipulative to other students and teachers, and highly intelligent, being a bad boy he constantly reminds other kids of high school story game about arrogance and vanity. This gangster games 2020 is not about shooting or fighting but its a fun game full of adventure where you will be an interesting gangster in your high school and you will break all the rules of the discipline! Your high school teacher games mission is to behave like a bad boy in high school gangster game, survive and escape through hard time missions. Fight and strike slender students and high school games security guards in cafeteria and college hallway. Sneak into the principal office of high school gangster stealing important confidential notes and survive your time lock in detention, sneaking from creepy teachers and authorities.High School gangster India game is a third person bad boy game where a troubled psychopath teenager is entered into the school life. You as a third person player; Gary, has to save his friend from beating, throw rocks and papers, don’t seek too much attention to yourself and stop anyone from complaining to the principal about your secret hunts of the crazy adventure in this gangster high school game. Features:• Includes the complete high school gangster story with extra missions, characters, hall monitors, teachers and classroom with fellow students in Game.• Gorgeous graphics: high-resolution textures, dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects• Challenge your friends to see who gets to beat the high school students more while competing with mission accomplishment.• Intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons only when you need them.• Rescue the grand combat against city high school frontline security guards & student gang wings.• Create chaos in cafeteria, fight with security guards and students.• Awesome classroom fever starts in high school fever by sneaking from teacher.

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