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Sales Team Tracking Plus Ordering

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Sales Team Tracking Plus Ordering डाउनलोड(APKPure)

Sales Team Tracking Plus Ordering डाउनलोड(Google Play)

Sales Team Tracking Plus Ordering

Sales Team Tracking Plus Ordering आइकन#Sales Team Tracker PLUS Sales Ordering app is a unique application around the world in Google Play.Unique Features (Dynamic App)*********************************You can upload your company logoYou can use your own App NameYou can use your own theme colorFinally, the look of the app will be your own company developed app.# SALES TEAM TRACKING FEATURES*************************************#Location Tracking Location Tracking helps to you to view your officer’s location. You can see location on map and on view. It takes location using GPS that is almost 99% accuracy.#AttendanceOfficers can send their attendance during work start and end with their photos. #Traveling ManagementOfficers can input their local traveling information with expense.#Task AssignAdmin can assign task to any officers. Similarly supervisor can send task to their subordinates. Subordinates can see their assigned task and can send feedback. Also all officers can input their daily own task. So, easily supervisors and admin can see their officer’s activities.#Customer Visit (Prevent 100% fake visit), Upload photo during visitDuring customer visit app will take GPS information and Pictures. So, easily you can identity officers went to that customer location or not. #Bill Management (Photo upload during bill entry)Officers can send their all expensed using bill photo. So, monthly you can easily calculate and verify your officer’s expenses.#Tour ManagementOfficers can input their tour information when he is travel to another location and stay in hotel.#Vehicle Meter Reading (Photo upload of meter reading, stop fake fuel bill)Everyday officers will input their start and end vehicle meter reading with photo. So, easily you can identify their traveling distance. Here you can calculate required fuel based on distance.#Contact BookAll officer can get others officers contact information. #Informative dashboardThis dashboard helps officer’s full day activities. Similarly admin or supervisor can see all officers’ full activities on single dashboard.#Notification send facilityAdmin or supervisor cans send notification to their subordinates.#Leave FacilityOfficers can apply for leave. Admin and supervisor can approve or decline that leave. Admin can set weekend and holiday that will go attendance report to make more informative. #Profile Update Officers can update their profile with home location. So, app easily identify officers distance between home and working location.# SALES ORDERING FEATURES***********************#Sales OrderOfficers can send order. # Order to Sales InvoiceResponsible officers can convert sales order to invoice.# Sales DeliveryDelivery officers can view invoice and make it delivery.# Collection EntryOfficers can send collection information.#Collection VerificationResponsible officers will collect money from officers and verify it.# Sales Target EntryAdmin can input sales target for every officers.# Collection TargetAdmin can input collection target for each officers.#Target vs SalesAdmin and officers can view their target vs sales information#Customer LedgerOfficers can view their customer ledger.#SupplierApp also maintain purchase information for each suppliers.#PurchaseAdmin can input purchase entry.#Supplier LedgerAdmin can view supplier ledger. #StockEasily admin can view stock information#Informative DashboardThis dashboard helps to you to view your company all sales and collection information on single dashboard.Security implement********************It is very important issue for an organization.Admin can provide multilevel hierarchy based security.Reporting**********Excellent reporting features with export facility to excel or PDF .In a summary, #Tracking and #Ordering features is excellent of this app.Web Admin Panel: ********************

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