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SnapRx Prescription Pad

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SnapRx Prescription Pad

SnapRx Prescription Pad आइकनSnapRx Prescription Pad is a companion application to SnapRx that enables physicians to draft and submit printed or electronic prescriptions directly to patients, and/or pharmacies in the SnapRx network.An in-app medications database helps you select the correct medications, dose forms, strengths, dosages, frequencies, and other aspects of each prescribed medicine, reducing errors and increasing clarity.A flexible note capturing feature also allows you to include anything you want to about your patient encounter, including patient history, vitals (like temperature and blood pressure), complaints, allergies, diagnoses (from ICD-10 and DCM-5 source codes), and treatment details.Best of all, SnapRx Prescription Pad runs on your tablet device with excellent handwriting recognition capabilities so it feels just like you have a real prescription pad in your hands! Composing prescriptions with your smartphone is also available.Writing clear and accurate prescriptions was never easier!

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