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Videap आइकनVideap is the coolest video editor with stunning video effects based on advanced, cutting-edge AI-based technology. It’s a next-level technology video editor which can cut out the character image along the edge of the portrait in the videos and add creative effects to make your video out of standing. Videap is also a simple and easy-to-use video editor which applies insane effects and video filters to your stories, videos, and photos. Just one-clicking can make your amazing videos stand out. As a unique video effects editor it also provides you with exquisite filters.Videap is the best free after effects video editor and stylish movie maker for Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,and other social media! ? Aesthetic Effects: Motion effects highlights movement.* Genius Effects:- Border Effects: Light up the edges of your body or surround it with glowing lines and follow the body movements in your videos- Other amazing Genius effects:Saber, Edge, Lines, Ripple, Line Delay, Lightning, Surround* Combined: – Glitch Effects: Creates a bizarre dazzling effect and attracts viewers’ attention.- Other Combined effects: Split, Dizzy, Clored* Stardust: – Bling Effects: Sparkle effect make you shine like a superstar – Other Stardust effects: Disco, Diamonds, Jewelry* 3D Effects: Create amazing 3D live moving pictures without any hassle* Changeable backgrounds? Various FiltersFeatured beloved and trendy filters:* Inslik, monotone, night life, retro* Vintage, film LUT, fashion, contempor * Classic, cinematic, cinema, anime ? A Quick and Pro Video Effects Editor* Easy to use and friendly to director* Export quickly: one-click Save & Share* HD export video/movie in 720p. ? Powerful Video Editing APP* Fast imports* Support for 5 video formats including MP4* Professional video editor for YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook? Professional Adjustment* Video: set video brightness, contrast, temp, vignetting, saturation? Canvas Format* 5 Aspect Ratio settings: 1:1, 4:5, 5:4, 16:9, and 9:16, Choose the perfect settings for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTokDifferent from other video editing apps,Videap is a pro-after-effects video editor. Editing videos and showing your stories on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or any other media platform you want to create for. Dream big and make amazing videos from anywhere!Any questions? Contact us here:* [email protected]** YouTube:* Twitter:* Facebook:* Instagram: of use Policy

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