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WiFi Hacker

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WiFi Hacker

WiFi Hacker आइकनWiFi Hacker is an all-in-one WiFi management app that takes care of all your WiFi network needs under one roof. It also comes bundled with additional features like Software Update, Internet Blocker, Internet Speed Test & Data Usage Meter.⭐Features⭐Scans for WiFi networksGenerates a list of nearby WiFi networks & hotspots. Also, it provides security details of the said WiFi networks.Improves WiFi Security?️Lets you generate secure passwords for your WiFi hotspot. Generates passwords for all key types with just one touch. Copy the password generated & paste it in your mobile hotspot settings.List of connected devicesGet details of all devices currently connected to your WiFi network. It also conveniently provides access to your WiFi/IP settings.WiFi Signal Details?Shows signal strength, IP, MAC & DNS Address along with the link speed of the network you are connected toWiFi BoosterBoost your WiFi speed by terminating all background processes & app so that 100% bandwidth is allocated to the app you are currently using. Call Info ScreenThe smart Caller overview screen notifies you of incoming callers.Additional Features? Software Update: Get a list of pending updates for your favourite apps and games automatically. Stop waiting for updates.? Internet Blocker: Stop selected apps from connecting to the internet. This helps save data by stopping apps from downloading data in the background.? Data Usage Meter: It calculates how much data each app has used over time.? Internet Speed Test: Get your download & upload speed with one-touch.? Phone & SIM Details: Get key information about your phone and SIM card.? Real-Time Bandwidth meter: Shows your current bandwidth in our notification bar so that you are always aware of your internet usage.

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