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स्तन पिलानेवाली

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स्तन पिलानेवाली

स्तन पिलानेवाली आइकनBaby tracker app: Record and log breastfeeding times, complementary feedings, sleeps, crying, weight, length/height and head circumference of your baby as well as your pumping times or even self-defined events.No ads!Diary and graphs to gain insights on how your baby develops over time.Widgets for the lock screen, status bar and desktop are included for maximum convenience!Nightmode with a configurable dark screen setup – you don't want to disturb anybody during nightly baby nursing.Breastfeeding tracker (free)- Record when and on which side the baby is nursed. Simple and intuitive.- Subsequent baby feedings can be joined into one meal.- Graphical analysis of the logged daily breastfeeding times and meals.- Displays your typical breastfeeding times: When does your baby typically get hungry? – The app supports multiple time frames for analysing the logged events: today, 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, all.- Diary view gives you an overview of all logged events. You can always drill down to single events.- Export the recorded data from the app to a csv- Export the graph to png-images- Import existing data from a csv file into the baby tracker app.- Widgets including start, pause and stop buttons (two sizes, small and big). Therefore no need to even open the app to log a baby nursing!- No ads! This app will always be free of ads. We don't want you to get annoyed by stupid advertisements popping open, just because you've hit the wrong button while holding your hungry baby.While the free application started with the focus of being a logger for breastfeeding, over time you might want to use it as a real baby tracker to log all kind of different events:Pumping tracker (add-on)- If you express milk you can also record and analyze pumping (time and quantity).- Add comments to each record.- Widget including start and stop buttons.- The analysis graphs and diary keep a log of the pumping just like for any other baby nursing event.Feeding tracker (add-on)- Record and analyze complementary food or baby bottles.- Breast feedings and complementary food can be joined into one meal. – Minimized typing by self-learning and expandable food database.- The analytic graphs and diary keep a log of the feedings just like for any other baby nursing event.- You can add comments to each meal. That way you can document e.g. nursing positions.- Widget including feeding button.Sleeping tracker (add-on)Events tracker (add-on)Measurement tracker (add-on)Profiles (add-on)In case of problems please write me a mail, I'm happy to help!Any feedback and also wishes and ideas for new features are highly appreciated!

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