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Apk Extractor

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Apk Extractor डाउनलोड(APKPure)

Apk Extractor डाउनलोड(Google Play)

Apk Extractor

Apk Extractor आइकनAPK Extractor will extracts APK that are installed on your android device and copies them to your SD card.★ Fast and easy to use.★ Extracts almost all application,including system applications.★ No ROOT access required.★ By Default Apk's will be saved in /sdcard/ExtractedApks/.★ Provided Search option to search applications.★ Compatible with latest version of Android 7.0★ Saved apk format AppName_AppPackage_AppVersionName_AppVersionCode.apk.★ Can extract multiple/all APK's by holding long click on any item.Interested in translating the application in your local language ? Strings are available in GitHub https://github.com/meher421/ExtractorStrings/tree/master/values .Please email me translated strings

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