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Auto Tatkal

Auto Tatkal आइकनThanks for supporting our app. We have released a new Chrome Extension. Please check it at this link:✔ Autofill support for both IRCTC Rail Connect app and Website ✔ Please share it with your friends and family, if you like it. ✔ It is easy to use with a very simple and intuitive UI. ✔ Indian Railway Train Ticket Booking on IRCTC Rail Connect & Website made Smarter, Faster & Easier. ✔ It is the best Rail / Train Tatkal Ticket Booking Application/Software which speeds up the process of getting a confirmed ticket for you without compromising on your berth/coach preference. ✔ This is the Fastest Ticket Booking App for IRCTC rail connect and website which can book tickets under 25 – 35 Seconds. ✔ Auto Tatkal helps you save time for all of the above process by autofilling all the details for booking in IRCTC forms and gives you an edge over other users booking a ticket, which increases your probability of getting a ticket.Features offered: Smart Ticket Booking ✔ Automated Ticket Booking (Enhanced Automated Online Form Filling) ✔ All data except captchas will be auto filled by this application,✔ Book your Train ticket in a faster and convenient way from your mobile / tablet ✔ Save Time and book tickets faster even during Tatkal Hours ✔ Saves Trip details for future use ✔ Need not remember your IRCTC rail connect and website username & password, just save your Login credentials in app and book tickets in just 3 clicks✔ Local Storage of payment method,login credentials✔ Enter two Captchas and Thats it, Auto Tatkal takes care of everything else.✔ All the stations names, Bank names are available in the app itself. Just select them by using auto complete feature while filling the details.AdBlocking & Image / JS / CSS caching ✔ Ad Blocking – Blocks Ads/Unwanted Images on IRCTC rail connect and website for Faster Loading ✔ Optimized the pages / activities of IRCTC rail connect and website on app to save data costs of user. ✔ Many of the website images, javascript & css files are stored / cached in app✔ Images & file caching saves data costs as well as increases booking speed.✔ It also enables the app work well even in low network speed.Instructions for use:✔ Create a new form by clicking on the "New Form" button. ✔ Fill all the information you need and click on the save icon on the top right corner of the page. ✔ You can also initiate the booking by clicking on the book now link on the right corner of the page. Doing so, auto saves the form. ✔ Once the browser is opened all the details that you have entered in the form will be autofilled. ✔ Autofill payment option is added for all major payment modes supported by including Debit/Credit Cards,Netbanking and Payment Gateway services (PayTM / ITZ / PayU) ✔ Super Speed IRCTC rail connect and website mobile Tatkal Ticket Booking Ever supported by✔ You can leave this fields blank if you don't want your payment details to be saved, you can enter the details during checkout on IRCTC rail connect and website once all the other details are autofilled by the app and you reaches the payment.For FAQ refer to: app is not affiliated to Indian Railway in any manner. Credentials and Passenger info is saved only locally in the user device which can be deleted by the end user at any point of time. In case you have any suggestions/complaints please reach us at [email protected] or use Feedback feature in the App.AutoTatkal fills the Travel booking details in IRCTC Rail connect and website automatically using pre saved details and lets the user focus on filling CAPTCHA and payment details only.

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