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Babba – Baby Cry Translator

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Babba – Baby Cry Translator

Babba - Baby Cry Translator आइकनJust let Babba hear the baby's crying, then Babba'll tell you why.Babba provides abundant parenting information with a reliable source.Newborn parenting is incredibly harsh. Whenever you need help, Babba will be there.What does Babba offer?- AI baby crying interpretation (You can try 3 times a day for free!)- Personalized AI analysis of baby cries- Unlimited access to analysis- Cry recordingWhat makes Babba so special?- Real-time baby's crying translationJust record the crying for 10 seconds, and artificial intelligence interprets the crying and tells you what the baby needs.Based on a massive database of babies' crying, Babba guarantees high accuracy.- Personalized AI crying analysisBabba provides customized AI crying analysis for each user. The two most likely reasons for cry and solutions are provided.- Full access to past analysisYou can always find previous analyses in the history tab. By tracking these analyses, you can learn a certain pattern of your baby's cries on your own.Babba's award and participation in events- 2018.06 Facebook Korea startup accelerating program (Namsanlab)- 2019.03 Google for Startups 2019- 2019.05 Facebook global conference (F8) invited startups- 2019.05 AI with Google 2019 speaker- 2019.06 The Economist Seoul conference speaker- 2020.01 CES 2020 exhibitorNoteDo not use Babba for medical purposes. If you have medical problems, please consult your pediatrician.Terms of services : Policy : appreciate your feedback and always consider your reviews carefully!· Email: [email protected]· Website:· 10, Noryangjin-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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