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Baby Exercises & Activities

Baby Exercises & Activities आइकन• DOWNLOADED MORE THAN 200.000 TIMESThe Baby Exercises and Activities App provides parents with fun inspirational video exercises that stimulate and support the development of their baby’s sensory and motor skills. Time with your baby should be enjoyed; with this in mind the playtime activities also have a strong element of fun, allowing for positive experiences for both mum and baby.The Activities and Exercises in this App are handpicked to help strengthen your baby's sensory and motor skills, co-ordination, balance and working muscles, especially those in their back, shoulder and neck. You will enjoy experiencing your baby’s development, you will for sure have some weeks of wonder. Within weeks you will wonder how your baby started crawling and walking so fast. The element of fun in the games and activities leaves your baby feeling happy, these exercises will motivate them to roll over, sit up, crawl and when the time comes even walking. Your baby will develop faster than you can believe. The fun exercises and activities for both mummy and child are divided into six sections: • Baby Exercises 0-3 months • Baby Exercises 3-6 months • Baby Exercises 6-9 months • Baby Exercises 9-12+ months • Pelvic Floor Exercises for mummy• Baby activities & Creative Play 9-36 months These six sections provides you with the opportunity to choose what exercises and activities fit your baby's age and level. The age groups are only a guide as all babies develop at different rates so your baby might need challenges from another group even through your baby is a few weeks older than the age group we have suggested. The equipment used in the app is purposefully minimal, as we would like to stress that there is no need to purchase expensive equipment to have fun with your baby. To your baby, you are their most fun toy 🙂 Download the app during pregnancy and prepare to have fun with your baby. The Baby Exercises and Activities app provides both mum and dad with great inspiration for fun playtime activities. Parent – Baby playtime moments are important for both you and your baby, because it is during these playtime moments that you create a special bond to your baby. You do not have play with your baby every day, but a few times a week will create wonders. In the app you will find video lessons containing: • Crawling Exercises • Walking Exercises • Rolling Over Exercises • Sitting unassisted Exercises • Tummy Time • Creative Playtime Activities for Toddlers • And a lot more fun and inspirational exercises and activities. This app goes well with BabySparks, Kinedu and The Wonder Weeks. In some of the exercises and activities, mummy or daddy also get to workout their muscles, thereby making it a fun family workout. We hope you enjoy the app as much as we did making it 🙂 About the developers Kerry and Andreas are the happy parents of Frederick, who is the star of the show in the video clips in the app.They both come from a sporting background and both hold Masters in Sports Science. Kerry also holds a bachelor degree in Sports Therapy from Chichester University in England. The love playing with their baby boy Frederick and believe that he loves playing with them too. They therefore decided to share all the fun activities and exercises with the world in this app.

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