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  • जरूरतें : Android
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  • श्रेणी : पालन-पोषण

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BabyDaybook आइकनThis application is the diary of your precious baby.You can record every day baby activities easily and quickly, just like pasting stickers on your note.You can record data and share on Twitter simultaneously.So, grand-pa, grad-ma and daddy can know how the precious baby doing by just looking at your tweets on Twitter, even when they are not at home. (The tweet function can be on/off easily.)Also, because Twitter can limit the members, you can limit the sharing only with your family members.This application also let you save photos, and you can find photos by selecting the date you took the photo.This function may be useful when your baby see doctors.The recorded data can be backed up on your SD card, so you can easily switch your smartphone and protect the precious baby care records.Features:- Records daily baby activities- Display the total milk quantity- Display the days past since your baby born- Automatically create charts for the height and the weight- Share records and photos on Twitter- Save photos- Lists photos by day- Memo for something you – Full backup and restore

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