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Base Sharing

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Base Sharing

Base Sharing आइकनThe process of creating base layouts has evolved over years, and the demand for new features such as directly cloning layouts has become a necessity.As a result, we have redesigned our app to make new features available, along with the existing features.We also rebranded the name from "Base Builder" to "Base Sharing", as now you can build as well as share layout designs.New features include: – Clone: one click cloning/copying of base layouts – Sharing: sharing layouts as well as their links – Comments: to discuss on a map design, or share attack video links – Community Feedback: (like/dislike/download count) – Searching: improved searching (by various tags or by level, sort by top favorites or most recent etc.)We will continue to support our following previous features as well:If you want to copy a base but don't have a link to copy- you have to build that base by yourself looking at that image. In that case, our app can help in two ways- One- You won't need a second device or screen to follow instructions from. You can just open any image as a floating window using our tool, and put it on a corner, and carry on your base design without much hassle. Two- You can even control the transparency of the floating image, and resize or full screen it. In that way, you can overlay the template image, and then just drop your buildings and other items on the transparent overlay.Happy Clashing!

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