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Chandan 24×7

Chandan 24x7 आइकनThe Chandan 24X7 App is born out of the Chandan Healthcare Group that aims at providing affordable and best quality healthcare services to everyone. The App gives you full access to everything Chandan and allows you to keep track of all your medical needs.What services do we offer?Here’s what you can enjoy through our app:* Online Doctor’s Appointment Booking: – You can now book your doctor’s appointment using the app. No more long queues or waiting times. Consult with doctors in over 90 specialities and enjoy hassle-free follow-up consultations. Up-to-date digital health records for online consultations as well as for consultations.* Diagnostic Tests: You can book lab tests including blood tests, full body check-up, and preventive health check-up for a home pick up or visit the nearest center.* Digitised Health Records: Chandan 24×7 is an integrated platform that stores all health records being generated physically or digitally for each consumer on the app. Your past consultations, doctor’s note, your offline store purchase bills – all will be automatically available on the app.Chandan 24×7 allows you to consult top doctors across various specialities like:Physicians – Common cold & cough, vomiting, headache, feverPaediatricians – Child nutrition, growth & developmentGynaecologists – Irregular periods, PCOS, thyroid, pregnancyDermatologists – Hair Loss, acneGastroenterologists – Gas, constipation, acidityDietitians – Weight loss, Weight gain, diabetes dietEndocrinologists / Diabetologists – DiabetesCardiologists – Heart Problems, High Blood PressurePulmonologists – Breathing IssuesNeurologists – Neurological DisordersOrthopaedists – ArthritisOncologists – CancerUrologists & Nephrologists – Kidney HealthDentists – Dental issuesPsychiatrists & Psychologists – Counselling for Mood disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, chronic stress, sleep disorders.Trust us to keep you and your loved ones safe. Download the Chandan 24×7 app and join the club for a healthier future! We are at your service 24×7.

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