Crop & Trim Video editor - video crop, cut & trim आइकन

Crop & Trim Video editor – video crop, cut & trim

  • APP : Crop & Trim Video editor – video crop, cut & trim
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Crop & Trim Video editor – video crop, cut & trim डाउनलोड(APKPure)

Crop & Trim Video editor – video crop, cut & trim डाउनलोड(Google Play)

Crop & Trim Video editor – video crop, cut & trim

Crop & Trim Video editor - video crop, cut & trim आइकनVideo Cutter & Trimmer helps you crop and trim videos, removing unwanted portions. You can blur video as well, or avoid cropping and enhance video colors easily like in Photoshop. Simple video editor for all your needs!Simple to use drag and scale part of the video that you want to crop, blur or select the trim interval. You can crop, trim, blur video, and enhance colors for the social networks. Create a masterpiece and share it with friends on Instagram and TikTok with ease. All video editing tools that you need in one place!Cool Features of Crop & Trim Video Editor:Crop videos – Use video resizer feature to resize the video to the size that meets your needs. There are various options available, where you can choose from predefined sizes to any custom size!Trim and cut videos – The video trimmer feature enables you to set the video's interval that you want to trim. When you set it, tap the button and get it done!Blur video – Do you want to blur video parts, some faces or any other area of the video? Just use the blur video feature, and the problem is solved!No crop video – Use the video's full size and make it fit without cropping. No crop video feature offers you more predefined and most often used aspect ratios, but you can also set a custom one.Enhance video color – Select specific parts of your video and adjust colors. Change the saturation and make it more vibrant!No watermark – You can edit videos without any watermark! Social networks – Post your creative usage of our app on social networks, get followers or views, and you can get featured in our app!Share videos – Share your video editing creations with your friends or with your community and let them know about your creative work.Unique Video Cutter & TrimmerIf you need a quick and easy way to cut videos – you found it! Video Cutter with all the editing tools you need. Most importantly, it's easy to use!Blur Video EasilyYes, we have this great feature as well! Blur video parts easily and create unique content.Video TrimmerSet the video's interval that you want to trim, and it's done!Video crop, cut & trim – How to edit videos?✔ Select the video✔ Set trim or blur position with width and height or select the interval to cut videos✔ Click on the crop, trim, enhance colors or blur video✔ Preview and share✔ Easy video cutter, cropper, trimmer, or enhancerFor any suggestions, contact us at [email protected] using a video editor app with amazing features and make your video more engaging! Blur video parts, enhance colors, trim, crop, or use the no crop feature – Show your video editing skills!

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