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Crosshair Pro

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  • श्रेणी : टूल

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Crosshair Pro

Crosshair Pro आइकनThis app is designed to improve your aiming accuracy while playing any FPS game in your phone. It also helps people with low eye sight to play FPS games by adding custom crosshair of bigger size.Features:* This custom scope generator supports all the popular shooting games to change the default crosshair design of the game. Use this free crosshair changer app to enhance your shooting & aiming skills.*Generate crosshair on weapons or guns even if they don't have it by default.*Choose from a wide collection of crosshair designs to add as an overlay to your shooting FPS games, that make your shooting aim much more precise & accurate.* Fully customizable size, color and transparency.* Adjustable crosshair anytime anywhere on the screen.* Along with our Classic collection, we have Pro crosshairs for free.Advantages:* Become a professional sniper shooter with this best free aim helper.* Improve overall accuracy.* Use OP weapons without scope.* Dominate on the battleground.

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