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Dual Apps

  • APP : Dual Apps
  • जरूरतें : Android
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  • श्रेणी : टूल

Dual Apps डाउनलोड(APKPure)

Dual Apps डाउनलोड(Google Play)

Dual Apps

Dual Apps आइकनClone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously(Social and gaming apps)!Privacy space & apps-clone function*Cloning the application, Dual App do not install more applications in your device, so that keeping your device running smoothly.* Dual App provides privacy, leaving no trace in the phone system. It can make your private account hidden and can not be seen by others, so your data security is ensured and your privacy is protected.Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously* Make your personal account and work account both online, and you can balance between life and work easily.*Social, games and other applications can log in to the second account in the dual app. The receiving of different account information and the data in the account do not interfere with each other.*Two accounts are online at the same time, easily switch between two accounts, and each account information is managed independently.Protect double open application information*Dual App can hide double-open application message notification, users can choose "Show hidden application notifications" "Do not show hidden app notifications" and "Notification shows the number of notifications for hidden apps"*Not displayed in the app switch menu(Opened app have been hidden from the recent,are you sure want to show them in recent)

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