Happy Kids Timer Morning & Evening Routine Chores आइकन

Happy Kids Timer Morning & Evening Routine Chores

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Happy Kids Timer Morning & Evening Routine Chores

Happy Kids Timer Morning & Evening Routine Chores आइकनMAKE THE BACK TO SCHOOL TRANSITION SMOOTH AND ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO BE INDEPENDENTHappy Kids Timer is a simple to use visual timer app for children which helps them complete their morning or bedtime chores easily and on schedule.This chore app is totally operated by your child, who carries the mobile device to each area/room where the daily task needs to be carried out/completed. You should give this game a try, if your child or teenager deals with ADHD/autism or needs to improve time management or following your busy daily schedule.WHY KIDS WILL LOVE CHORESThe app offers a totally new approach that guides your kids with animated chores through their morning or bedtime turning chores into a funny educational game. It utilizes a smart incentive daily program with awards and a printable certificate. You don’t need old-fashioned chore chart anymore!SMOOTH BACK TO SCHOOL TRANSITIONDo you struggle every morning to have your children get ready to face a long day at school? With Happy Kids Visual Timer app bedtime doesn't have to be challenging either.If the visual timer just helps get you through a few mornings, makes putting kids to bed an enjoyable experience, or make back to school transition easier our mission will have been accomplished, but our experience indicates children love it and will use it for months.MORNING ROUTINEContains 8 animated chores for kids that will learn them to: Make your bed, Brush your teeth and wash your hands, Get dressed, Brush you hair, Eat your breakfast, Pack your lunch box, Pack your bag, Put your shoes onBEDTIME ROUTINEContains 7 animated chores for kids that will learn them to: Tidy your room, Go to the toilet, Take a shower or bath, Put on your pajamas, Brush your teeth, Prepare your clothes for tomorrow, Read a book, turn the lights off and go to sleepGet a free app that includes all common morning/bedtime activities and great motivation features and help kids learn new habits.PREMIUM VERSIONThe free app takes your child through the whole morning or bedtime routine with predefined settings. Please consider a premium version of this new motivational chore app specially built for helping children have fun and get through their routines on time.The in-app purchase lets you actively participate in setting up the program:– add 4 custom chores for each routine or change chores order to better fit your home habits,– change duration or minimal activity duration time to better motivate kid,– remove countdown timer to reveal stress from kids with autism or ADHD,– name the award you want your child to receive,– define target stars amount for kid to deserve an award,– email/print a certificate after kids collected a defined amount of stars,– and more.VISIT USWe are an open parents' community, making sure our children use smart devices not just to play games. This visual timer app was made by parents and tested on our own preschool kids and toddlers.Visit us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tell us your story, suggest improvements or learn new parenting tips.https://twitter.com/happykidstimerhttps://www.facebook.com/happykidstimerhttps://instagram.com/happykidstimer

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