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InPen आइकनInPen helps you take the right amount of insulin, at the right time, by automatically tracking your doses and providing personalized insulin recommendations. YOUR INSULIN PEN SHOULD WORK HARDER FOR YOUWhy are you still using a pen that doesn’t track when you dose and how much you took? InPen records all of your doses automatically. The app provides personalized insulin recommendations based upon your glucose level, meal size, and the insulin still active from prior injections.A SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE, AND AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO A PUMPWish you could get benefits of a pump without the hassle of being tethered to a device 24/7? Tired of filling cartridges, changing infusion sites, and charging your pump? Experience the freedom of pen therapy with access to all the data to help stay on top of your diabetes and save money. FEATURED INForbes, Today Show, Healthline, Business Insider, ADA Diabetes Spectrum, Diabetes Daily, Diatribe, Diabetes Self-Management, and more.ALL YOUR DATA IN ONE PLACE – AUTOMATICALLY – Automatically records every dose – Automatically syncs current Guardian™ Connect CGM data – Automatically syncs Dexcom CGM – See the effect insulin and meals have on your glucose in a single integrated view – View up to last 90 days of dataTHE RIGHT AMOUNT OF INSULIN… AT THE RIGHT TIME – Personalized dose recommendations based on blood glucose, carb intake or meal size, and active insulin from prior doses – Recommendations for when to eat carbs to prevent low glucose – Carb counting, meal estimation, and fixed dose modes – Reduced stress of insulin stacking and under-dosingAVOID DANGEROUS LOWS AND FRUSTRATING HIGHS – Accounts for active insulin from prior doses to help prevent overcorrecting – Helps you avoid missed doses with long-acting and missed meal dose reminders – Helps you correct high glucose between meals with confidence – Alerts you if your insulin got too hot or too cold ADVANCED INSIGHTS FOR YOU AND YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER – Easily view and share advanced therapy reports – Helps you assess the effectiveness of your long acting and meal dosesINPEN SMART INSULIN PEN – Available in Blue, Pink and Grey – Supports Humalog® or Novolog® and Fiasp® cartridges (not included) – Available through your retail pharmacy at a low price or visit our website – Prescription required – Unlocks Dose Calculator and Active insulin in the app when paired – Works with multiple pens so you can keep one pen at home and one at school or work

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