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Jeasy आइकनWhy should you use only one transportation mode? With Jeasy, discover how intermodality will make your employees life easier. Jeasy is your smart mobility coach. Jeasy combines your own vehicles (car, bike or scooter) to other transportation modes and generates personalized routes recommendations that optimize cost, time or CO2 emissions. Whether you are commuting or going to a professional meeting, Jeasy can track your trip and is a great tool for reporting and centralized expense notes. Download the app and discover better ways to move in and around the city.Jeasy is a B2B solution requiring a subscription. Contact us at if you want to discover how we can help optimize the mobility of your employees.At Jeasy we believe in Easy and Smart Mobility for everyone. We leverage new technologies to make the world a better place one trip at a time.The quality of the recommendations is the # 1 priority. Jeasy integrates different modes of transportation: car (shared), bike (shared), train, tram, subway, bus, walking or any combination of these. Jeasy is multimodal. Jeasy will consider your preferences to share the best recommendations.The modes of transport currently integrated are:- STIB-MIVB: works for the development of mobility in Brussels thanks to 4 subway lines, 17 tram lines and 50 bus lines (+11 Noctis night bus lines).- Taxis Verts: is a company specialized in the transport of people and express transport of mail and parcels up to 20m3.- Cambio: is an economic and ecological shared car service. The rented car is to take and bring back in the same station.- ZenCar: is a car-sharing electric car rental service. The rented car is to take and bring back in the same station.- Villo!: is a self-service bike rental system, very easy to use and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.- Lime- SNCB/NMBS: manages the infrastructure and operates the Belgian rail network (trains).- TEC: it is nearly 2,500 vehicles put daily to the service of the population thanks to 777 bus lines through Wallonia.- BillyBike: are shared electric bikes in Brussels. Without limit, the bikes are to take and leave anywhere.- De Lijn: is a bus service that ensures the movements of its users throughout Flanders.- TaxiStop: offers carpooling in different forms: Schoolpool, CozyCar, Carpool, Eventpool.- C-TEC: proposes the management and organization of professional fleets of bicycles and light electric vehicles.- Billybike- BePark : is a service that makes finding a parking space easy.- Interpaking

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