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Kiddo TV

Kiddo TV आइकन(For EU visitors please use our EU version: Baidu TV)Every video in our database has been carefully reviewed and child approved. So that when you give your child our platform you can be sure they are only watching content that has been marked safe and suitable for their ages. What's more, you will hand-select videos from this already moderated database so that you can designate exactly what videos your child will be able to view. Perhaps you want them to learn some physics? or maybe you want them to pick up a new hobby like arts or basketball.You also designate a max screen time each day and at the end of each session our app tells your child the device has “run out of power”. They can plug it in to charge or they can partake in an educational quiz to ”fast charge” the device and renew their ”battery duration”.It's time to start building a healthier digital experience for your child today.- Pre-regulated content by Kiddo TV- Further content selection by you for each device- Daily customizable screen time per day- Daily interactive academic quiz to replenish screen time

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