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Koral आइकनThe Koral poll app is a community of like minded Indians who have come together to help each other with their questions, and opinions in their preferred language – English, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and Marathi – via quick polls and discussions Features of the Koral poll app:1. On the Koral poll app, you can easily and freely ask questions via polls which you encounter in your daily life and the Koral community members will guide you with their opinions and votes on the polls2. On the Koral poll app, you can follow the topics that interest you like Cricket, Politics, Bollywood, Finance, Travel, Life, Jobs, Food, Football, Arts etc3. You can easily and quickly create polls to get the opinion of the Koral app community to – get to know what other Indians think about your new dress or the new song that you have sung, or get to know what others think about a trending topic, or get opinions on which product to buy before making a purchase decision4. You should also participate in polls on the Koral app posted by other members in the specific topics you have joined, help them with your opinion on the poll and also find out what others think about that topic. When you share your opinion on a Koral poll, you help the poll author and hence you earn Karma Points5. Karma Points is your identity on the Koral poll app and it shows how much you have helped the community with your polls and opinions. High Karma Points gives you added benefits in the Koral poll app, like access to paid surveys from leading brands which upon answering gets you cash rewards6. Based on your Karma Points you will get rewarded surveys from leading brands. Filling these rewarded surveys will get you cash rewards7. The opinion community in the Koral poll app is a safe place which motivates all its members to openly express their opinion in their preferred language, ask questions, run polls, vote on polls, comment on polls, learn and improve everyday. If you are not comfortable sharing your real identity for posting questions or for sharing your opinions, the Koral poll app allows you to use a screen-name which will be your identity along with your Karma Points. Your real name will not be disclosed to other members. Go ahead, ask and share your opinion freely on the Koral poll app and let other members guide you. If you have thoughts or feedback on the Koral poll app or if you want us to add new topics on Koral for you to ask polls on those topics, please email us at [email protected]

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