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Learn Kung Fu Training 2020

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Learn Kung Fu Training 2020

Learn Kung Fu Training 2020 आइकनLearn KungFu App is a software designed to help you Learn Kung Fu by yourself without any teacher or Shifu at anytime on your Phone or Tablet.Kungfu or gongfu (功夫, Pinyin: gōngfu) is a martial arts originating from China. However, the meaning of the word Kungfu actually has a much broader meaning, which is something that is obtained in a long time and with high perseverance. Thus, a great cooking expert can be said to have a high Kungfu.In addition to the word Kungfu, the terms Kundao or Kuntao are also often used to refer to martial arts from China. The Kungfu science that has spread to Southeast Asia (especially Indonesia) in the past is called Kuntao, according to Donn F. Draeger in his book Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. However, the term Kuntao is very rarely used in the present time.In learning kung fu, it takes discipline and high dedication. We are not only trained to move, but also appreciate each movement. Structural position or posture is an important point in learning kung fu. Movement and style on kungfu varies, starting from the position of the foot, the distribution of body weight, and alignment of the body. Everything is to be pursued in this martial arts learning.Shape and posture are not free, but regularly according to composition. With a good composition, then the movement will feel more supple. The form of posture in every movement must be done seriously and correctly. I studied some compositions in kung fu movements until I finally wondered.Is this composition designed from scratch? What do you want to pursue from this composition? Is motion composition aimed to achieve motion stability or movement compatibility? Here we have provided specifically for you who want to deepen kung fu, may be useful.Always been interested and inspired by Shaolin Kungfu but never had the time, access or means to learn it and about it? This app will give you all the basics and advanced information about kung fu. Learn the history and the spirituality about kung fu and practice it using this app!It can train you from the basic level to the Grand Master level in Kung Fu with an award winning step by step tutorials, Videos Training, Best KungFu Photo stances, Training Tips, Kung Fu News & Tournaments plus many more.We are also working hard to develop and add more sophisticated functions into this App, so please support us by doing the following:1). Rate 5 stars @ Google Play Store and also tell your friends about this App.After this, you can keep this software free & forever.All names, logos, any resource and brands used in this are property of their respective owners.

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