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Little Ones™

Little Ones™ आइकनIntroducing the Little Ones™ AppA comprehensive program to help your little one sleep well for years to come.With Little Ones you will discover:• Our secret formula for sleep success that has helped over 200,000 families worldwide• The key to achieving and sustaining great naps• How to easily settle your baby to sleep• How to help your baby sleep through the night• Self-settling methods that do not have to involve crying• The perfect daily age-appropriate daily sleep & feed schedule for your little one• When and how to start solids with your little one• What foods to offer your baby at each age and developmental stageSubscribe to our pediatrician-recommended Sleep and Nutrition Program – billed either monthly, quarterly, or annually.Industry-leading app features include:• Evolving age-appropriate nap and feed schedules• Notification reminders throughout your day of sleep and feed events• Comprehensive troubleshooting if things don't go to plan• Detailed information library• Day and night access to Certified Sleep Consultants• Sleep, feed, and diaper tracker to record your baby's daily habits• 24/7 instant help through our digital sleep assistant LeeImagine not having to worry or stress about your little one's sleep, knowing they were getting the right amount for their growth and development. We can make sleep a positive experience in your household.

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