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Local Now: News, Movies & TV

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Local Now: News, Movies & TV

Local Now: News, Movies & TV आइकनLocal Now is your one-stop-shop for FREE local news, weather, channels, movies and more! Choose from over 200 local daily news streams with local weather coverage and 1000s of movies and shows. We’ve got you covered, from current world news events to entertainment news and so much more. Local Now App Features Local News & WeatherGet local, national, and global news and entertainment on Local Now. Watch local news from your area or check out our channel partners like Cheddar News, Newsy, Bloomberg, People TV, Comedy Dynamics, Gusto TV, Whistle TV, and many more. All for free, all on Local Now! • Local Now’s “My Stream” features the most important stories from over 200 U.S. cities so you can stay up-to-date your local news coverage• Daily shows across our robust TV listing & channel guide• Keep up-to-date with world news & current affairs• Follow entertainment news• Stay current with breaking news headlines• See the latest sports results• Find your local weather forecast and get weather updates from The Weather Channel• Chromecast support means you can seamlessly watch Local Now on your TV Watch Movies• With thousands of movies to stream, you’ll never have to worry about what to watch• The on-demand movie library has something for everyone with genres ranging from comedies, action, dramas, thrillers, documentaries, romance, kids movies, cult classics and more• Includes movies from Hollywood's biggest studios Watch TVEntertain yourself and watch full seasons of a variety of TV shows, including:• Comedy• Documentaries• Sitcoms• Reality TV shows• Kids shows• Classic TV shows• Entertainment Channels • Food Channels ———- Certain content within the app has not been modified or formatted to fit all screens. It may be shown in its original aspect ratio.

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