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Medical Calculators

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Medical Calculators

Medical Calculators आइकनPediatric Oncall's Medical CalculatorsEasy to use, offline and instant results for all calculations even during your practice.This is a free application for all medical personnel followed by the Pediatriconcall page relating to included are categorized as follows:Growth Calculator:» Height» Weight» Head Circumference» Predict Height» Mid Parental Height» Body Surface Area (BSA)» Body Mass Index (BMI)» Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Conversion Calculator» Conversion of Temperature Celsius to Fahrenheit» Conversion of Weight From Pound to Kg» Conversion of cm to inchesRenal Conversions» Serum Osmolality» Bicarbonate & Base Excess» Fractional Excretion Of Sodium» Creatinine Clearance» Creatinine Clearance (Schwartz Formula)» Normal Values Of GFR» Anion GapPregnancy Calculators» APGAR Score» Ovulation Date» Pregnancy Due Date» Conception DateBlood Pressure Calculator» Blood PressureBlood Group Detection» Find Your Blood GroupCritical Care» Alveolar arterial Gradient (A-a gradient)» ET Size» Normal Respiratory Rate» Predicted Mean Peak Respiratory Flow Rates» Corrected QTc» Sodium Deficit in Hyponatremia» Burns Fluid RequirementDrug Dose Calculators» Emergency Drug FormulaDiarrhea Solution Calculators» Diarrhea Solution» IV RatesBlood Reference Values» WBC Count» Coagulation Profile» Blood Indices» Immunoglobulin IgG Subclass Levels» Immunoglobulin Reference Values» Serum Complement Reference Values» Lymphocyte Reference Values» Corrected CSF WBC Count for RBC`s» Corrected Reticulocyte CountEndocrine and Antibody Tests» Thyroid Function Test» Antibodies & Their Associated DiseasesDrugs Interaction» Drugs Interaction Checker *Supports API levels 8 & above (Android 2.2 and above)

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