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MediCalc® आइकन"The standard for clinical calculations and analytics in Medicine™".Introducing the mCalx™: the unique and most innovative custom Master Medical Calculator for patient-specific computations. (You add equations & scores ad lib to the same panel!).mCalx™: 1 panel, 100+ equations/scores, TRILLIONS of combinations. The calx are "linked" to the "dynamic tables" for visually efficient "point of care decision support". MediCalc® (>500,000 users) is now Integrated with iDox® and ready for your Hospital EMR.Be aware that some APPS interfere with MediCalc (like Kingsoft Office + PDF, WPS and OTHERS), you might need to uninstall them for MediCalc to work properly. MediCalc® facilitates the organization and processing of Patient's data. It is a physician-friendly™ app, intuitive and very easy to use. Available ONLINE (free access & Print options). +Unique reference, productivity and decision support tool. +Trusted resource with proven and reliable data processing.+For physicians, residents, med students, PAs and NPs… +Developed by Board-certified physicians in the US. +Highly acclaimed, reviewed and tested (since 1996). ————————————————–The MediCalc® FEATURES:(the best and proven clinical data processing)* mCalx™ custom Master Calculator* arithmetical processing* automatic unit conversion* MULTICALX™ Panels* conventional & SI unit entries* color-coded normal-abnormal outputs* normal values (ranges & limits)* automatic range-checks (limits)* intuitive user interface* easy navigation and info access* Search bar with filters* smart decimal rounding* Système International notation* tables of parameters* mobile & online (free access)* dynamic tables, synchronized with calculators* fully referenced* highly organized and standardized————————————————–MediCalc® is part of the ScyMed® Network of MedicalApps, and the first and most comprehensive Medical Calculator System™ in the world, online since 1996… (>500,000 users & free online access). Spanish/italian versions.————————————————–MediCalc® CONTENTS:SOFA, qSOFA, LODS, SEPSIS PROPORT score, SMART-COP, CURB-65, IDSA PNA ScoreCOPD Calx, Spirometry, FEV1, BODE indexCHADS2 CHA2DS2-VASc, HAS-BLEDGlomerular Filtration Rate (Cockcroft + reverse), CrClGFR (MDRD-4, MDRD-6, CKD-EPI)Chronic Kidney Disease ClassificationAnion Gap Fractional Excretion of Na+, Urea, K+, Mg, HCO3, PO4TransTubular Potassium GradientDelta Delta, HCO3 deficitHenderson – Hasselbalch EquationMetabolic Acidosis "Winter's formula"Osmolality, calculated Blood Alcohol Level Cardiac Output (Fick) Ejection Fraction (EF)Target Heart Rate (HR_t)Stroke Volume (SV)Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)Q-T interval correction (Q-T_c)Coronary Heart Disease (10y Risk) NCEP Risk factors A-a Gradient (PA-aO2)Barometric Pressure (PB)arterial Oxygen Content Oxygen Delivery Vital CapacityBohr equationStatic Compliance Ideal Body Weight Body Mass Index (BMI)Waist to Hip Ratio Harris Benedict Equation (HBE)Nitrogen Balance (NB)Body Fat Percentage (BF%)Calcium CorrectionGlucose (estimated average) (eAG)Child-Turcotte-Pugh Classification (Child )Model for End-stage Liver Disease – UNOS (MELD-unos)Serum:Ascites Albumin Ratio (SAAG)Discriminant Function (DiscFx)Absolute Neutrophil CountAPACHE II, Glasgow, Ranson, TIMI, MAGGIC, ASCVD Risk, Framingham, Reynolds score, PELD,Metabolic syndrome, San Francisco SRA-a Gradient Master Diabetic Ketoacidosis MasterRenalCalc™ MasterEnergy Master LiverCalc™ Master GFR MasterRenal Failure Diff. Diagnosis Master Cholesterol Master Blood Pressure Master Body Metrics Master Cardiac Output Master, Lung Volumes Master, O2 Master N+ Master, Nutrition Master Osmolality MasterPed Master Anthropometric Master Conversion (temp, mass, length)and many more…

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