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Movie Box

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  • जरूरतें : Android
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  • श्रेणी : वीडियो प्लेयर और संपादक

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Movie Box

Movie Box आइकनUltra Speed video downloading application!Unprecedented comfort!Is fast and clean and convenience!Download the videos fast free!The comfort which can play the video even if is off-line!*** Implementation features ***・ Background play function・ Live stream (.m3u8) correspondence・ Continuous play functions・ Making of the playlist・ Save to a camera roll・ Search history, collective deletion function of Cookie・ Memory of the stop time・ Introduce the video URL to a friend・ Others* ** Charging *** in the application■ 4.4$ "Release Limit"… When you use from the application installation for one day(24 hour), the downloading of the video becomes impossible.The downloading of the video is enabled if you purchase "Release Limit".■ 1.1$ "Hide Ad"… You can hide an advertisement if you purchase this.

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