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Mowgli आइकनThe Travel App for people who want to discover the world at amazing prices.More than 300,000 people already use it to find flights starting from €20 a round trip.Mowgli finds deals for the biggest airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia, Air France, Corsair, Lufthansa, British airways and many others.HOW DOES IT WORK? 1- Enter your city of departure2- Mowgli offers you the best prices and destinations for your criteria. 3- You book directly on the application in a few clicks. 3 GOOD REASONS TO USE MOWGLI:1- Discover new, fun and cheap destinations2- Save hours of comparing destinations and prices3- Save hundreds of euros on each trip FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE- Our quick and easy browsing to find deals – Our deal calendar to help you find the best travel dates- Your price alerts so you never miss a deal- Our categories to find a destination for surfing, eating well, hiking or exploring nature.

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