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MP4Fix आइकनYou can't play a video recorded on your phone? It looks like a broken file is lost forever?No worries, You can easily fix your damaged video with MP4Fix and save your day.Install now! You are 3 clicks away from playing your video!You can watch your repaired files for free as many times as you want! Enjoy:)Save your repaired videos on your phone and share a joy with your friends by making a small one-time purchase. With Premium Features you can recover as many corrupted files as you want so all your future phone videos are protected.To restore your crashed file all you need is MP4Fix and another valid video recorded on the same Android phone using the same app.MP4Fix works with-> phone camera recordings-> mp4 files broken by camera crash, dead battery and lack of memory.This file fixer doesn’t work with:-> videos downloaded from the Internet-> broken hardware (if your SD card is corrupt, replace it before running MP4Fix).We are happy to support you at [email protected] Check Q&A section on our website: App uses LGPL licensed JAAD decoder library.INSTALL NOW!

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