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  • श्रेणी : यात्रा और स्थानीय

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Musafir आइकनMusafir is your perfect travel companion. When you are away, keep updated with local weather, azan (prayer) time, quibla direction. Keep your family and friends updated about your location by giving them exclusive access to your location. Benefits :1. Azan (Muslim prayer) time and weather for 200K+ cities2. Qibla direction from anywhere in the world3. Provide exclusive access to your location to your friends and family. Simply install the Musafir app on your phone allow tracking and you will get your unique code to be shared with your FnF. Share the code with your FnF and they will be able to track you. 4. Send SOS in emergency situation5. See and Control who can track you. You are in charge of your location sharing. Start and stop sharing anytime. Also add/bar anyone from seeing your location.App PermissionIn order for our app to work properly, we need a few permissions such as your location. All you want to keep your GPS on with high accuracy. Dingi Musafir locates you and your people if you or they keep their GPS location on with high accuracy. Real-Time Location SharingThe aforementioned process and setting allow you to show you the location accurately and quickly which is very prompt.Network SettingsThis connects you to the Internet (Mobile Data and WiFi) and allows us to send and receive location information.

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