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MYBYK आइकनMYBYK – Join the revolution to make cities livable again. Commute with MYBYK.HOW TO GET A MYBYK?1. Download the MYBYK app in your smartphone2. Register and locate the nearest hub3. Add money to the wallet, subscribe a weekly or monthly plan4. Unlock MYBYK at the hub and take the bike home with you!With MYBYK, you can commute anywhere, anytime, any distance…For short commutes like going to places nearby —Ride MYBYK like your personal bike – from your home to your destinationBut when the distance gets longer — Use MYBYK along with Public Transport1. Ride from your home to the nearest public transport stop2. Drop the bike at the MYBYK Hub near your stop3. Take the public transit – Metro/BRTS4. Get down at your destination public transit stop5. Take MYBYK from the Hub near your stop6. Reach your final destination on MYBYKFEATURES OF MYBYK –> Pick up and drop the MYBYK at any hub Unlock a bike from your nearest hub via the app and drop it at any other hub – all under one subscription plan.–> Take the MYBYK home with you Get a weekly or a monthly plan and keep the MYBYK with you!–>Unlock the bike using the AppLock the bike manually anytime, anywhere and unlock it using the App–> Digitized payments for easy accessUnlock a bike from any Hub with our easy-to-use app. Make payment through a completely digitized process.–> No hassle of repair and maintenance We take care of all the repairs and maintenance of the bike. If you're facing any problem with the bike, just drop it at the MYBYK hub near you, mention the issue after ending the ride. Take another bike. –> Affordable CommuteChoose a subscription that fits your needs with Hourly, Weekly & Monthly options. Enjoy MYBYK rides with minimal subscription plans–> First and Last Mile ConnectivityMYBYK connects with public transport with hubs outside Metro Stations and BRTS Bus Stands so you can commute long distances————————————————————————————————-About MYBYKMYBYK is India's first, largest, and most successful public bike share service. We operate a fleet of 6000+ bicycles with a presence across multiple cities in India — Ahmedabad, Kochi, Udaipur, Mumbai, and Rajkot.At MYBYK, we believe that electric cars may seem very futuristic but they won’t solve the problem of parking, traffic, and congestion in cities. We envision moving India and the world towards sustainable commute solutions, one ride at a time. We aim to bring a micro-mobility revolution in India that makes cities sustainable and future-proof. By choosing MYBYK, you become a part of this change.———————-Connect with us on Social Media- Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:

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