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NaviMaps आइकनNever miss a turn with NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation. MapmyIndia now brings the most accurate car navigation system trusted by Maruti Suzuki, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota, Fiat, TATA & Mahindra to your device.NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation, an interactive maps and navigation app with voice direction. Get detailed maps of India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka, powered by MapmyIndia. Save your mobile data as NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation doesn't require internet to function. With internet, get Live Traffic feed, Location & Route sharing via SMS, WhatsApp, Email & Facebook. INSTALL NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation today to get access to all Pro-Guidance features for FREE for 7 Days. Features Include:-★ Junction Views – Visual aid to the driver at road junctions.★ Driver Alerts & Realistic Signposts – Visual driver alerts for better situational awareness.★ Live Turn-by-Turn voice guidance in English & 10 regional languages: Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil & Telugu*★ Text to Speech – NaviMaps speaks out place names during voice prompts.★ Unified Search: Search EVERYTHING from one interface with colour coded visual references.★ Auto re-route navigation with voice will re-route you from the deviated course.*★ Varied POI, down to the house no., also locate Petrol Pumps & Parking Places along the route.*★ Detailed map coverage, realistic 3D Landmark, terrain & city models for better recognition*★ FREE lifetime MAP UPDATES*★ NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation can be synced with your in-car navigation system, making it into a fully featured navigation system. NaviMaps supports connectivity with Maruti Suzuki Smartplay Studio™ Infotainment, Pioneer AppRadio™ compatible devices, Tata Motors ConnectNext™ Infotainment and Jaguar Land Rover InControl™ Apps★ Offline maps, directions, local search on your device and Online Search(Internet Required)★ Get up to 3 alternate driving routes & 1 pedestrian route. The route automatically updates you with Live Traffic (Internet required)★ Location & route sharing through WhatsApp, SMS, Email & Facebook★ Via internet, get live traffic & expected delay.★ Multi-Stop routing to plan trips for leisure or business★ Multi-touch map display★ Two-finger swipe down to return to map view from any page or menuMaps:-Map of India is split into 32 different states which you can download as per travel plan. Download, remove & re-download maps as often as they like.NaviMaps is powered by MapmyIndia allowing you access to:-★ 6.30 Million+ kms of roads connecting 7540 towns & 700K+ villages★ 31.82 Million+ Points of interest across the Country★ 6500+ 3D Landmarks & 2D footprints in 338+ Cities★ 14.29 Million+ house numbers for last mile navigation in 365+ cities★ Lane Guidance in 1000+ cities along with national stretchesSri Lanka:★ 131+ kms of roads connecting 145 cities at street level with 42K+ towns & villages★ 260K+ Points of Interest★ 94 3D Landmarks & 1.98K+ 2D footprints in 8 Cities★ Lane Guidance in 4 citiesNepal:★ 163K+ kms of roads connecting 223 Cities at street level with 41K+ towns & villages★ 181K+ Points of InterestBangladesh:★ 141K+ kms of roads connecting 289 Cities at street level with 6 towns & villages★ 250K+ Points of Interest★ 7.37Mn+ 2D footprintsBhutan:★ 12000+ kms of roads connecting 27 Cities at street level with 700+ towns & villages★ 6800+ Points of InterestENHANCED LIVE TRAFFIC Coverage for all India.Install NaviMaps: 3D GPS Navigation today. Note: Continued use of ANY GPS application running in the background can significantly drain your phone’s battery. Using a charger while navigating is recommended.* Requires purchase of Pro-Guidance in-app.For any app related issues and feedback, please mail us on ([email protected]). We would love to hear from you.

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