NTES train enquiry, train running status &  e rail आइकन

NTES train enquiry, train running status & e rail

  • APP : NTES train enquiry, train running status & e rail
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NTES train enquiry, train running status & e rail डाउनलोड(APKPure)

NTES train enquiry, train running status & e rail डाउनलोड(Google Play)

NTES train enquiry, train running status & e rail

NTES train enquiry, train running status &  e rail आइकन"Rail Radar" train app for all your Indian Railway Query(NTES & rail enquiry).NTES latest version and NTES updated train.Get Train running status At one Tap with nation train enquiry system(NTES) and spot train by erail with one tap.It displays live train status, live station status, Offline train schedule, PNR Enquiry, Fare Calculator, Ticket Refund Calculator, Seat map, Reservation Chart, Special Train, Clean My Coach, Speedometer, Nearest Station, seat availability, platform locator, Train between Station and up-to-date schedules.Check where is my train and get live train status of running train status by NTES Live Status : Live train status, Live station status along with live locals.Reservation : Train schedule, Train between station, PNR Status with confirm predictions, Seatavailability along with confirm chances and alternatives, Seat availability calendar, Trains by station, Farecalculator, Refund calculator.Travel Guide: Seat map, Coach Layout, Platform locator, Speedometer, Nearest station, Clean mycoach.Train seat availability- Check seat availability with confirm chances.- Also discover all possible alternatives to book conferm ticket train ticket.Live train status, station & locals- Check train running status by just providing train number. This app features GPS based Train Status with real time speed of the train.- Get live station and locals status with real time location of train in a single click.PNR status & prediction- Check current PNR status as well as confirm chances in a single click.- Rail Radar Auto PNR tracking notifies you when current status changes.Reservation enquiry- See train schedule for all Indian rail passenger and express trains.- PNR prediction for waitlisted tickets.- See the arrival & departure of trains by station- Know Fare for all classes and also calculate exactly how much refund you are eligible for on ticketcancellation.Travel guide- Know your train coach layout and seat map before you get board.- Make sure you are on right platform on which the train is scheduled to arrive using Platform locatorfeature.- Curios to know the train speed, go to speedometer and check the real time speed of the train.- Searching nearby station is now under your fingertip, just visit to Nearby station and find stationnearby you according to your range.Spotting Train AccuratelyGet live train status of Indian Railways anytime, anywhere. When you are traveling on a train.Offline Train SchedulesThe train app has the Indian Railways timetable offline. You don't have to know train number or names as our Smart search feature allows you to use train source & destination or partial train names even with spelling errors.Coach Layout and Platform numbersGet information on coach position and seat/berth layout before you board the train. Also shows platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stations wherever available.Super efficient in Battery, Data Usage and App sizeThe app is very efficient in battery and data use as key features like finding train locations and schedules can work offline without Internet or GPS. The app-size is relatively small despite having a lot of information offline.Seat Availability and PNR StatusCheck seat availability and PNR status on the official Indian Railways website within the app.We provide following features in our app:1. Live Train Status – information about current position and delay.2. Live Station status – information about trains arriving and departing in next 4 hours from selected station3.Train Schedule4.Train Between Stations5.Train By Stations6.PNR enquiry7.Seat availability8.Seat availability Calendar9.Fare Calculator10.Refund Calculator11.Seat Map12.Coach Layout13.Platform Calculator14.Reservation Chart / Vacant Berth15.Clean my coach16.Special Train17.Speedometer18.Nearest Station

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