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Oh Baby!

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Oh Baby!

Oh Baby! आइकनOh Baby! – Your Pregnancy App – delivered to you by The Women’s Hospital @ Deaconess, located in Evansville IN. Our free pregnancy app allows you to track your baby’s growth and provides developmental milestones for both mom and baby, week by week. Don’t have a doctor yet – no problem! Browse the area’s best doctors by specialty and reach out to set up an appointment. Gain access to a library of educational content written by local health and maternal care experts. Track your cholesterol, heart rate, glucose, blood pressure and weight throughout your journey and journal about your pregnancy experiences. When the time comes, count your baby’s kicks and time your contractions. Take advantage of our carefully crafted packing checklists for Mom, Baby, and your Loved One. Connect with The Women’s Hospital @ Deaconess family through classes and events catered to your needs. Put your health and the health of your baby first with the Oh Baby! Pregnancy app.Key Features: – Week by week milestone updates – based on your due date – to track baby’s growth and the changes in mom’s body.- Baby Basics and Baby Blog educational content written by local doctors and health experts.- Browse Evansville doctors by specialty and get a head start on filling out your pre-admission paperwork for your delivery at The Women’s Hospital @ Deaconess.- Weight and Blood Pressure tracker to log changes and share with your doctor.- Kick Counter to track your baby’s movements by recording each kick.- Contraction Timer to log the duration and intensity of your contractions.- Journal to note how you’re feeling each day and any exciting milestones to document.- Editable packing checklists for mom, baby, and dad/loved one.- Events and Classes held at The Women’s Hospital @ Deaconess and surrounding area such as: Prenatal Yoga, Car Seat Fittings, Breastfeeding and Beyond, Big Brother Big Sister, Pediatric CPR and more!

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